As from the 1.1.15  meat processors are accepting only 2013 edition NVD’s.

If you don’t already have the 2013 edition please order now on line or phone 1800 683 111 so cattle sold  will not be penalised.


NVD ordering update:-

Here is some advice to avoid lengthy delays when ordering an LPA NVD book:

Do I already have the latest version?

The latest version has “Edition: April 2013” printed on the cover and the number 0413 printed alongside the NVD type in the top left corner (C0413 for cattle and S0413 for sheep). The latest NVD for bobby calves is BC0412. If you have this version on hand already, you don’t need to buy another book.

Do I need the latest version?

Producers should check with their livestock buyer which version of the NVD is required before consigning livestock.

Having the latest version maximises the number of potential buyers of your stock but all versions are still current under LPA rules. If the buyer is not asking for the latest version, then you may be able to use an older version of the NVD.

If buyers demand the latest version, emergency NVDs are available for use once a new book has been purchased to cover the period producers are waiting for delivery.

Do I need to order over the phone?

If you have internet access, order your book online using your LPA number to login at

Electronic NVDs are available to download and can be purchased online with a 48% discount.