800 cattle were sold at the popular Lismore Store Sale last Saturday.

475 steers sold to good competion from Queensland, Victorian and local restockers as well as lot feeders.

Prices ranged from $2.50 to $2.78/kg for well bred suitable lines.

Charolais yearlings sold on behalft of the Larsson Partnership sold for $2.78/kg, $871.

Graham Holt’s Charolais weaners $2.74, $879.

Bos Indicus steers ranged in price from $2 to $2.58/kg depending on quality.

Heifers failed to reach last months sale levels with the tops  a/c Kevin Cameron selling for $2.34/kg, $729.

Most good quality heavy weaner heifers sold from $2 to $2.30/kg and lightweights $1.35 to $1.95/kg.

Only 35 cows & calves were offered.

The tops sold for $1,000 with an overall average of $770.


On Tuesday at the Lismore yards a total of 230 cattle were sold.

It was an usual yarding in that the greater majority of the cattle sold were cows.

A good run of heavy cows sold well to be similar to last week.

The top beef cow, a Charolais off The Channon sold for $2.34/kg, $1534.

Medium & light cows sold sold on a par with last week.

The small number of prime vealers sold from $2.10 to $2.52/kg depending on weight & quality.

Weaner Angus steers topped at $2.66/kg, $615.


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